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HardSPL package for HTC Imagio

Posted by techhackz-admin Wednesday, March 17, 2010



cmonex just released a HardSPL package for the HTC Imagio / Whitestone (Verizon Imagio), this means that is now possible to install custom ROMs on this HTC device. NRGZ28 released a version of his famous EnergyRom for the HTC Imagio.

Note that this HSPL package does not unlock the SIM card of your device, HardSPL packages let you install new custom ROMs on your device bringing many benefits including a faster device, more applications to choose from, using newer Windows Mobile builds etc.

You can follow the HSPL package thread @ and download it from

Here are the installation instructions from":

1) download newest Whitestone Hard-SPL package and extract this to an empty folder.
2) you must Have Phone Synced with PC in Windows Mobile!!! the device needs to be connected to Activesync or WMDC via USB cable. and it must not be in Flight/Airplane mode (i.e. the phone part should be on).
3) internet access is required as the program checks online for updates and for the license.

4) run WhitestoneW-HardSPL.exe on your PC, make sure it's launched from a local drive (not through network drive, etc.). running it on XP requires Admin logon, and Vista/Windows 7 will automatically prompt to allow it to run in Admin mode, so allow it please.

important: if you get an antivirus warning, please ignore it, it contains no harmful code (just used a packer to compress it). if you encounter DEP errors, then add it to the exception list in DEP settings.
5) follow steps as prompted in the Hard-SPL program. if this is the first run of Hard-SPL on a device after hard reset, you must select Automatic flash mode (the first button in Welcome screen).
notes: you should usually go for Automatic flash mode; the Manual flash option is only to be used as noted below in "NOTE 3" - any other errors triggered while running in Autoflash mode will have to be fixed as instructed in the error message.
6) it will ask you to wait while it prepares for the flashing, press OK.
7) now it should go through without any error messages, if one does pop up, then please follow the instructions included in the error text. if no specific instruction is shown, then ask for help in the forums, but this should not ever occur (as this means a really fatal error occurred).
8) at this point the device did hopefully went to a black screen. this is the SSPL version, which is temporary. then RUU (Rom Update Utility) will instantly launch.
9) some notes: when RUU says it will perform a hard reset and cause data loss, do not worry, it is not going to do this. also when it says the flash will take 10 minutes, ignore that, it will only take a minute or so.
10) SPL flashes, device automatically reboots, job done.
11) to confirm you got it installed, go into bootloader mode (tricolour screen!) and verify the screen shows 1.01.OliNex, which is the current Hard-SPL version

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