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HTC Sense UI for Motorola Droid

Posted by techhackz-admin Thursday, February 11, 2010


The recently released Motorola Droid is a nice device but it’s using the out of the box Google Android UI, while it’s usable and provides a modern look and feel you might want to look for a replacement. Thanks to the folks at AllDroid it is now possible to use the HTC Sense UI from the HTC Hero on a Motorola Droid.
HTC not only creates some of the best devices on the market (HTC HD2 for example), they also know how to create really nice user interface replacement whether it is on Windows Mobile or Android.
This HTC Hero theme was created by xeudoxus, the latest version of the theme (1.6) was released in January and does require a rooted Droid as well as a free application called MetaMorph.
xHero Theme for Motorola Droid
If you want to follow the theme thread go here:
The installation instructions are quite simple:
1. Make sure you have a rooted Droid, if not follow the instructions from one of my previous articles:
2. Go to the Android Market and download MetaMorph.
3. Go to the AllDroid forum post and download the xHero theme zip file for your device.
4. Extract the files from the archive and copy them into the AndroidThemes folder in the /sdcard folder.
5. Launch MetaMorph then navigate to the AndroidThemes folder and select the theme
6. Finally press OK and click on Apply All to complete the installation of this theme.
Please note that this theme does not currently work on the Motorola Milestone.

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