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Skype & Fring for Windows Mobile - VoIP Applications Review Part One

Posted by techhackz-admin Saturday, January 23, 2010


There are plenty of Voice Over IP applications for our Windows Mobile devices, some will allow you to call regular phones (mobile phones or landlines) others will only allow you to call other users of that application. In this series of articles, we'll compare the leading VoIP applications for Windows Phones.

Using a VoIP application can help you save money on your cell phone bill especially while roaming or traveling abroad. Of course, make sure you have an unlimited data plan while using 3G connection and use only WiFi hotspots while you roam or travel to avoid paying extra roaming charges.

The first application I took a look at is Skype, it is one the most widely used VoIP software nowadays with about 500 million users worldwide. I am using it daily on my computers to chat with my friends and family, it does work extremely well.
Skype for Windows Mobile Logo ScreenSkype 3.0 is now available on Windows Mobile and offers free Skype to Skype calls, free chat or instant messaging between Skype users and for a fee you can also call mobiles and regular phones as well as sending text messages (SMS).
It is also possible to send files using Skype.

A 3G or WiFi connection is a must to place voice calls, by default it is set to use ActiveSync or WiFi.

You can download Skype for Windows Mobile here:
You can also download it directly to your Windows Mobile device if you go here:
The version I have tested is Skype

The sound quality is really good if you're using a WiFi connection, calls can break up a little bit over a 3G connection but overall it is a great application and it is free! The only downside of Skype is that it doesn't interact with any other IM or VoIP providers.

User Interface: 4/5
Sound Quality: 4/5
Price: Free (fees if calling landlines or mobile phones)
Overall: 4/5

Fring is also a well-known mobile VoIP application that was launched in 2007. What sets Fring apart from its competition is that it is open: you can use Fring to talk or chat to other Fring users (fringsters) as well as users of other applications like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Google Talk or Windows Live Messenger. This feature alone makes it a must have!Fring on Windows MobileFring works over a WiFi, 3G or normal data connection, it is free for most calls if you call a Fring user or a user of another VoIP application. It can also make calls to landlines and mobile phones using Skype and other SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) providers.

You can download Fring here: The installation itself is a breeze as well as setting up your different VoIP accounts (Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk) in Fring.I have been impressed by its call quality even with a 3G connection. The user interface could be more finger friendly and modern but overall Fring is a great piece of software. Some work could be done on the packaging but the fact that it supports so many different applications and protocols is amazing.

It is worth noting that they introduced Video Calling capabilities recently on Apple iPhone / iPod Touch as well as on some Nokia devices using Symbian.
Hopefully this will also come out for Windows Mobile soon!

User Interface: 3/5
Sound Quality: 4/5
Price: Free (fees if calling landlines or mobile phones)
Overall: 5/5

That's it for the first part, we'll take a look at other VoIP applications for Windows Mobile later.

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