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Running Android 2.0.1 on HTC phones

Posted by techhackz-admin Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Android 2.0.1 for HTC DevicesSome developers at XDA Developers already managed to port Android 1.6 to HTC Windows Mobile Phones and now they have also successfully ported Android 2.0.1 to some HTC phones like the HTC Diamond 2, the HTC Touch Pro 2 and the HTC Touch HD. Some also got it working on their HTC Touch Pro.

This version is still a work in progress so everything doesn't work but if you're lucky enough to have a GSM HTC Phone then most of it is working.

The installation is simple:
1. Download the Android packages for your HTC device (see links below)
2. Extract the zip file content and copy it to your device SD card.
3. From your File Explorer, run Haret.exe, this will boot Android.

Here is a list of the working and non-working features taken from the HTC Touch HD XDA post:
- Touchscreen
- Vibration
- Capacitive Buttons and Navigation wheel
- Keyboard
- Radio
- Brightness Control
- Microphone
- Charging
- Market
- Sound
- Wifi
- Task killer app.
- Android information program.
- Gsensor
- Power collapse
- Proximity sensor

Not Working:
- Bluetooth
- Camera

Some features work on some phones but not on others, please look at the XDA post to find out what actually works on your device.

There are many threads on XDA where you can get the Android packages specific to the HTC phones:
- for the HTC Touch Pro (Raphael):
- for the HTC Touch Pro 2 (Rhodium):
- for the HTC Touch HD (Blackstone):
- for the HTC Diamond 2 (Topaz):
Some people are reporting that it also works on CDMA phones (Sprint HTC Touch Pro) so give it a try even if you don't have a GSM phone.

Here is a video of Android 2.0.1 running on a HTC Touch Pro 2:

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