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Running Android 1.6 on a HTC Touch Pro

Posted by techhackz-admin Thursday, December 17, 2009


If you're following the mobile scene lately you have noticed that Android is getting a lot of attention. Some new great phones have been released like the Motorola Droid and the HTC Hero and everybody wants to try Android but not everybody can afford a new phone! Thanks to talented developers we can now use Android 1.6 on an HTC Touch Pro (GSM or CDMA), other phones are also supported like the HTC Diamond or Vogue.

I've tried it myself on a Sprint HTC Touch Pro and while it is not fully functional yet on a CDMA phone, you can still get Wifi or Data Connection to work.
It is mostly usable on GSM phones like the ATT Fuze.

Here are the instructions to get Android 1.6 running on your HTC Touch Pro:
1. Remove any previous Android files you might have on your SD card.
Typically I open up the archive I downloaded and use it as my file list to know what I have to delete.
2. Download the latest Android package from
3. Extract the content of the archive to the root of your SD Card.
4. [CDMA only] Download a new Kernel image package for the CDMA Touch Pro (thanks to Makkonen for this one!):
5. [CDMA only] Extract the files from the Kernel image pack and copy them over to the root of your SD Card. Overwrite files when necessary, you might have to rename the modules-2.6....tar.gz file into modules.tar.gz before copying it over.
6. [CDMA only] Make sure the startup.txt file is right for the CDMA version of the Touch Pro. Here is what you should have:
set ramsize 0x6000000
set ramaddr 0x10000000
set mtype 2039
set KERNEL zImage
set initrd initrd.gz
set cmdline "root=/dev/ram0 init=/ console=tty0 zmgdevname=/dev/mmcblk0p1 imgdevnum=1 imgdir=/ msmts_calib=0x81.0x393.0x358.0x7D clock-7x00.a11=500 msmvkeyb_toggle=off board-htcraphael.adb=1 mddi.width=320 mddi.height=480 lcd.density=240 pm.idle_sleep_mode=6"
7. Open up your File Explorer and launch the Haret program.

This will start Android on your phone, if you need to go back to Windows Mobile simply reset your phone.

Once Android is launched, log into your Google Account and enjoy ;)

Here is a video of Android running on a ATT Fuze (HTC Touch Pro - GSM):

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