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How to Root your Motorola CLIQ and Motorola DEXT

Posted by techhackz-admin Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Just like the Motorola DROID, the Motorola CLIQ (DEXT outside the US) has been rooted! Like a jailbroken iPhone, you can now fully access its file system and install whatever you want on it: custom applications, themes etc.

This hack is an SHX based root that will work on both the CLIQ and DEXT phones. All the credits go to TheDudesAndroid.

Note that I won't be responsible if you end up bricking your phone, unlocking or flashing your phone can be risky. If you follow the instructions then you will be fine!

Here is how you can get it to work:
1. First you need to set up your computer for flashing:
- Setup ADB Using Danation's Guide:
- Download the Motorola USB Drivers:.
Motorola 4.2.0 Driver with MotoConnect (Windows 32-bit)
Motorola 4.2.0 Driver with MotoConnect (Windows 64-bit)
- Download and install Google RSD-Lite 4.5.7 (or higher). You can google it to find it.

2. Download SHX Root Hack zip file (Boot + Amon_RA Recovery SHX) and unzip it.

3. Using Google RSD-Lite, select the SHX file you have downloaded and click on Start.
- Start Google RSD-Lite as Administrator (Right Click > Run as Administrator)
- Select the SHX file (TheDudesBoot_Amon_RAsRecovery.shx) you downloaded in Step 2.
- Click Start.
Your phone is going to reboot into bootloader mode and the patch will be applied.
Once flashed, your phone will reboot again into your SetupWizard.
4. Enable Superuser mode.
- Download the Superuser zip file from:
- Unzip it.
- Run install.bat or to apply this patch.

Your phone is now rooted!

Here is a nice video of those instructions from Youtube:


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