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Android 2.1 was just released for the HTC Hero

Posted by techhackz-admin Saturday, December 5, 2009


Well it's not yet the official release that HTC announced just a few days ago but some talented people over at XDA-Developers managed to get Android 2.1 to work on the new HTC Hero!

Note that I won't be responsible if you end up bricking your phone, flashing your ROM can be risky. If you follow the instructions then you will be fine!

You can find this new ROM at

This is for GSM HTC Hero, this won't work on the CDMA HTC Hero phones like the Sprint HTC Hero

You can find a CDMA ROM with Android 2.1 here:, the CDMA ROM is not ready for prime time yet.

The installation procedure is extremely simple:
- Do a nandroid backup, a BART backup is also recommended.
- Flash a new radio (version -> find some links and mirrors at
- Perform a wipe of your device. You can do a cache+dalvik cache wipe or a full sd:ext wipe.
- Flash the ROM.
- Log into your usual Google account.
- Soft-reset your device (ie restart it)
- Enjoy ;)

You can find some screenshots here:

Here is quick description of what's included in the ROM (straight from the XDA page):
- Changed build base to Kingklicks ROM [THANK HIM FOR HIS WORK]
- Apps2SD should work(?)
- Alot faster than before
- Market works
- AOSP Lockscreen
- HTC News added
- Twidroid added
- Plurk added
- Stocks added
- Removed all thoose useless apps in 1.2
- Contacts added, and work to sync using these guides (do this after gmail sync): Exchange sync workaround or vCard workaround

-- Not working --
- HTC Widgets
- Youtube
- HTC Camera
- More(?)

- Some apps moved to /data/app
- HTC Calendar added + widget
- HTC Music added + widget
- Footprints added + widget
- Search widget added
- Clock widget added
- SlideMe app market added (will be removed when android market is fixed)
- aContacts added (temp fix for contacts)
- Star contact added
- Apps installer added
- Notes added
- NavStart + Patched maps added for navigation
- Amazon MP3 removed
- Terminal emulator removed (useless for hero)
- Cleaned up system from dream parts to open up space

- Sync fixed
- Added extended apns list
- Market doesnt work
- Contacts app missing

- Rooted
- Facebook app added
- Wireless Tether added
- Amazon MP3 added
- Sync is broke atm - Working on it

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