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A New Version of Orb is available

Posted by techhackz-admin Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Following up on my post about Orb, a new version was released recently: Orb 2.5. So far it is available for the US only, I guess it should soon become available to everyone.
It contains some improvements and bug fixes:
# USA only
# Improved overall experience
# Simplified and improved PC user interface
# Much better streaming quality
# Faster stream launch
# Improved CPU usage
# Ability to set connection speed between Orb PC and DMA's
# Option to add/remove Webcams and IP Cams per user profile
# Better management for refreshing media library when PC is on Idle state
# TV Listings with faster download and update
# Option to change password on PC UI
# Ability to select and/or preview Live TV channels
# Autoscan option to find more potential channels
# Beware that this version might have issues with online videos on Xbox and other DMAs
# Features such as OrbSecure, Contact Manager, custom port setting option for direct stream, codec selection has been removed for now
# Improved video resolution at low speed
# Added .wtv support
# Fixed memory and handle leaks
# Improved tuner and webcam detection
# Improved overall stability
# Fixed permissions issues
# Fixed all known issues at startup
(extract from release notes:

You can download Orb here:

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