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Watch Free Live TV on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Posted by techhackz-admin Thursday, October 8, 2009


Did you know that you can watch live TV for free on your iPhones?
It's time to use the most of your 3G connection and enjoy TV in the palm of your hand!
There are a few applications that lets you stream live TV directly to your iPhone wether it's over a WiFi or 3G connection.
I got a chance to play with them and here are my thoughts.

The first one I tried is netTV, you can get it on the App Store for $2.99, there is also a free version you can try.
It has a good international channel lineup but don't expect to be able to watch CBS or NBC for example. You can look at the channel listing on the developer's website:
The UI is not fantastic but does its job correctly, all in all for under $3 it's pretty good.
Here is a video I found on Youtube it will give you a good idea about netTV:


Yes TVUPlayer is available on the App Store! I couldn't believe it ;) it used to be free it is now $4.99 and it gives you access to the TVUPlayer extensive channel listing right on your iPod or iPhone which is amazing.
The video and sound quality depend on the channel but it is not bad and you can find great channels like CBS, SpikeTV etc. Again for $4.99 this is great, it only works over a WiFi connection.

Here is another video I found on Youtube showing TVUPlayer in action on an iPhone.
It shows you the UI and the channel list.

You can download TVUPlayer on the App Store here, you can also go to to get more information about it.


Television is an application you'll find in the App Store that lets you watch pre-recorded TV shows on your iPhone or iPod. Its lineup is good with CNN, VH1 etc. but again it's not live but for only $2.99 it's not bad!
Here is its website: This app. is also available on Android and requires a WiFi connection.

Of course there are additional apps you can find that only offers one specific channel (France 24 Live [free], Al Jazeera Live [$2.99], At Bat 2009 [$9.99] etc.).
There are also many websites that offer live TV streaming using your browser I'll cover them later.

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