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Check Out Windows Mobile 6.5.1 Build 23502

Posted by techhackz-admin Friday, October 30, 2009


I have been using cooked Windows Mobile 6.5.1 ROMs for a while now on my Touch Pro.
Recently I installed the latest build from Microsoft: 23502 which is part of their COM5 development branch and it is a great release!
If you already have a phone with Windows Mobile 6.5 then you most likely have an older build without most of the improvements. Honestly I think that the version they released with the Windows Phones recently is a bit disappointing, the Today screen has been redesigned as well as the Start menu but everything else is too similar to Windows Mobile 6.1. The Windows Mobile Marketplace and MyPhone applications are great addition but we could have expected more from Microsoft.
The way to go is to unlock your phone and flash it with a custom ROM:
I will create other articles on how to flash some of the newer phones like the Touch Pro 2 or Diamond 2.

You can find several custom ROMs on different forums:
- ( for CDMA users)
I am using a CDMA ROM by Dodge Longhorn right now which works great, my phone has never been faster and the battery life is great.

Check out this video from Youtube, it gives you a good idea of where Windows Mobile is going:

They definitely have a long way to go before they can compete head to head with the iPhone or Android 2.0 but nothing seems impossible for Microsoft (look at Windows 7!) and Windows Mobile keep looking better and better.
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