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Stream movies and music to your cell phone using TVersity

Posted by techhackz-admin Sunday, July 12, 2009


In this article I'll describe how you can stream movies or music stored on your computer to your Windows Mobile cell phone. This tutorial might also work on the iPhone or Palm Pre. Get ready to share your media with your phone!

I'll not cover how to install TVersity on your computer or TCPMP/CorePlayer on your cell phone. I also assume you are able to access your computer using your cell phone either through a Wifi connection (home network) or with a data connection (Internet).


- Cell phone with a data connection or Wifi.
- TVersity ( - free download)
- CorePlayer Mobile ( - not free)
This tutorial should also work with TCPMP (( which is now discontinued.
- an Internet browser on your cell phone (IE or Opera Mobile)

I used TVersity 1.6, Opera Mobile 9.5 and a Sprint HTC Touch Pro with Windows Mobile 6.5 connected to my Wifi network for this tutorial. It should work with any Windows Mobile phone (WM 5.x and higher) and other type of phones (iPhone, Palm Pre).


1. TVersity

Extremely simple ;) first make sure TVersity is up and running.
Then if you are planning to access TVersity from the Internet, you need to enable connectivity from outside your home network. Go to Settings and click on General, scroll down and you should see the following information:

IP Address: leave blank
Port: keep default port: 41952
Check 'TVersity should accept requests originating from outside the home network ...' and specify a username and a password.

That's all we have to do in TVersity.

2. Cell Phone

Enable Wifi on your cell phone and connect to your home network or start your data connection in order to access your computer.

On your computer find out your IP address so you can access it from your cell phone.
Go to the command prompt on your computer (Windows > Start Menu > Run... and type cmd or search for Command Prompt on Vista). In your Command prompt window type ipconfig to get the IP address of your computer.
If you're using a router you might need to go to your router Admin console to get your IP address.

Now on your cell phone, open up an Internet browser and type the following address:
http://[ip address]:41952 (use the IP address you found previously).

You should get to the following page where you can browse the TVersity content.

The trick is to obtain the URL of your movies and music links. To do so hold your stylus or your finger on the link and select 'Copy Link Address' in Opera or the equivalent in Internet Explorer.
I've tried other browsers like Iris or Skyfire but none of them seemed to work with TVersity.
Note: It is not possible today to start the streaming directly from the browser :( or at least I couldn't find a way of doing it, let me know if you have a workaround!
Internet videos do not work as well so no Sopcast or TVUPlayer yet...

In this tutorial we will stream a movie so click on Video then click on Movies and finally click on All to display all the movies stored on your computer.
Once you have found the movie you want to stream click and hold your finger/stylus on the link and click on Copy Link Address to copy the link.
Now open up CorePlayer or TCPMP and go to Menu then select Open URL.
Now paste the link address (Use CTRL+V on your keyboard or virtual keyboard).
Click OK and you should be all set! Your movie will start in a few seconds!!

Enjoy your media files on your cell phone thanks to TVersity!
As usual feel free to comment.

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