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Flash the HTC Touch Pro

Posted by techhackz-admin Thursday, June 25, 2009


In this article I'll explain how to flash your Sprint HTC Touch Pro, this should also work for any HTC Touch Pro from any carrier.

Note that I won't be responsible if you end up bricking your phone, unlocking or flashing your ROM can be risky. If you follow the instructions then you should be fine, I've flashed my phone several times without any problems!


- HTC Touch Pro (from Sprint and others).
- Hard-SPL package for your phone (see below for some forums where you can find the packages).
- a custom ROM (see below for some forums where you can find custom ROMs).
- your phone should be already configured with your computer and be able to sync with it through ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista).


1. Unlock your phone

See my previous post about how to unlock your HTC Touch Pro:

2. Select your custom ROM

There are tons of custom ROMs available for the HTC Touch Pro, I found 2 forums that are extremely useful:
- ( for CDMA users)
Some chefs are more famous than others, I've tried a few roms like NFSFan or GrooveROM and I am now using EnergyRom 3.0 by NRGZ ( It is very fast and uses one of the latest Windows Mobile 6.5 build.

I follow a couple of rules when I pick my ROM:
- it shouldn't be the first release of this ROM creator... we never know!
- Windows Mobile 6.5 not 6.1.
- stable and as much bug free as possible.
- good battery life based on users feedback.
I don't really care if TouchFlo 2 is included or not since I like the look and feel of Windows Mobile 6.5 better and I find it also more responsive.
Look around and take a look at the feedback left before you choose your ROM.

3. Flash your phone with a custom ROM

Download the ROM of your choice and unzip the archive into a folder on your hard drive.

Enter bootloader mode on your phone:
While the device is booting up or with the device turned on, press and hold the volume down button along with the power button, then press the reset button with the stylus tip, then release the volume down and power buttons when bootloader tricolour screen appears.
Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable. Make sure the bootloader screen shows USB and CMONEX (otherwise your phone is still locked!).

Open the folder where you extracted the custom ROM, you should have at least an NBH file in it, it is the custom ROM and typically the biggest file in the archive.
You should also see ROMUpdateUtility.exe, double-click on it to start flashing your phone!
Sometimes the exe file has a different name but it is quite easy to know which one you should execute, if there is nothing else than a nbh file then you'll need to download the ROMUpdateUtility from here and follow the instructions given there.

Now that you have started the ROMUpdateUtility you can simply click Next on every screen and confirm you want to flash your phone. Make sure your battery is charged before doing it.
You should see the following screen on your phone.

You can also follow the flashing progress on your computer.

After a few minutes you should be done and you'll see the following screen on your computer.

Your phone is going to reboot and after a few minutes (it can seem quite long) it will configure itself and start Windows Mobile for the first time, you'll have to calibrate the screen and specify a time zone.
There might still be an additional customization phase that will start after Windows Mobile started.

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