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How to stream multimedia content to your Nintendo Wii using TVersity

Posted by techhackz-admin Thursday, May 14, 2009


Out of the box it is not possible to stream music or videos from your computer to your Nintendo Wii, well now with TVersity it becomes possible!
You will be able to stream mp3s, movies (divxx, xvid, mkv) as well as Internet videos (Youtube, Hulu etc.) to your Wii.


- Nintendo Wii already connected to your home network using Wifi.
- The Wii Internet Channel should be installed on your Wii. You can buy it in the Shop Channel (500 Nintendo points).
- TVersity already installed on your computer( - free download, you have to pay for the Pro version)

I used TVersity 1.6 and Windows Vista with my Wii to create this tutorial.


TVersity is a media server that will allow your Wii to access content stored on your computer or available on the Internet. TVersity can transcode any kind of videos (xvid, divx, mkv etc.) so that you can view them on your Wii. It helps turn your Wii into a Media Center like the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3.


1. TVersity

I won't cover the install of TVersity, it is extremely simple and you basically have to click Next all the time and install the video codecs when required.
If you have any issues feel free to ask me any questions.

When TVersity is installed, it is time to take a look at its settings, open up TVersity and click on the Settings button at the top:

In the Settings windows, click on Transcoder on the left to open up the Transcoder settings. This is where the most important settings are:

Let's cover some of them with their recommended settings:
- When to transcode: set it to Only when needed (recommended), this should be the default setting.
- Maximum Video and Image Resolution: set it to your TV resolution. I have a 720p HDTV so I'm using 1280x720 for both fields. Use 1920x1080 for 1080i/1080p HDTVs.
- Leave Windows Media Encoder as it is.
- Optimization: set it to Quality.
- Connection Speed and Quality: set it to Wired (100Mbps) with a wired or reliable Wifi connection. My wifi router is not too far away from my Wii and I have been able to use 100Mbps.
- Compression: set it to Minimum to get the best picture quality.
- Decoding Speed: check the checkbox.
- Audio Capture (TVersity 1.6 and higher): leave the checkbox unchecked.
Don't forget to click on Save at the bottom!

I leave everything else as it is, if you have a Hulu account you can enter your Username and Password in the User Accounts menu.

Now click on General on your left to open the general settings:

Make sure the TVersity Media Server is running, if not click on Start Sharing or Restart Sharing to start it.
In this window you will see in the Home Network part the port you can use to access TVersity from your Nintendo Wii. The default port is 41952.
2. Nintendo Wii

Before you go to your Wii, go to the command prompt on your computer (Windows > Start Menu > Run... and type cmd or search for Command Prompt on Vista). In your Command prompt window type ipconfig to get the IP address of your computer we will need it to access TVersity. It typically starts with 192.x.x.x:

Now start your Wii and click on the Internet Channel to start your Internet browser on your Wii. We are going to use it to access TVersity.

Click on Start in the next screen to access Internet.

Click on Web Address in the Opera start page.

Using the IP address you got from your Command Prompt (mine was, type the following URL and then select OK:

If everything was set up correctly you should now be browsing your TVersity library on your Wii!!

Navigating with the Wiimote isn't that great but if you use tags you can more easily find the appropriate content.
If you access the following URL:, you'll get access to a nicer menu for TVersity but unfortunately the video streaming doesn't work in that mode. We are stuck with the flash library...

I hope this guide was useful, feel free to add any comments and ask any questions.

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