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How to enable Stereo Mix to stream Hulu to your Xbox 360 using TVersity

Posted by techhackz-admin Monday, May 4, 2009


That's quite a long post name isn't it :D

As you may already know the latest version of TVersity (1.5) adds the capability to stream Hulu videos right on your 360 quite easily.
It's extremely simple to set up, just go through the TVersity 1.5 install, if you want you can even specify your Hulu username and password to access your queue from your Xbox, it's like Netflix ;)

Update (05/22/09): TVersity 1.6 Pro doesn't require Stereo Mix anymore so if you had issues with it, make sure you're using the latest release.

TVersity requires Stereo Mix to be properly configured in order to stream the audio part to your Xbox. Now if you're like me you may not even know what is StereoMix and if it is enabled on your computer so you may end up with the video playing ok on your 360 but without any sound... quite frustrating.

Here is how to enable Stereo Mix on your computer:
- Right-click on the Volume icon in your system bar and select Recording Devices or go to Control Panel > Sound > Recording.
- If you don't see Stereo Mix in the list right-click on the list and select 'Show Disabled Devices'. Then right-click on Stereo Mix and select Enable.
- Right-click on Stereo Mix and select 'Set as Default Device'
- You can also click on Stereo Mix and then click on the Properties button to modify the volume or the Default Format (44100 Hz by default)
Now you should be able to stream videos from Hulu to your 360 and hear something!

The TVersity website mentions you have to mute the audio on your computer while watching the feed on your TV. On my end muting the audio on my computer also muted the audio on my TV so I just don't mute the audio on my computer and it works fine!

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