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Add Hulu Queue to TVersity

Posted by techhackz-admin Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I finally found a way to browse my Hulu queue on my 360 using TVersity.
Right after the TVersity 1.5 install I had only one item under Hulu in my Library and it was linked to the most recent items added to Hulu. I'd rather see my queue instead.

Before you start you need to have an account on (US only), you can specify your Hulu username and password when you install TVersity 1.5 or you can specify it in the Settings menu in TVersity under User Accounts (between Media Library and Transcoder).

Go to your Library in TVersity then click on Hulu (USA) in the menu on the left. You should see the following screen:

Next, click on Hulu Recently Added in the list on the right and select Edit Item in the menu.
A new window will pop up, click on the hulu Type drop-down list and you should see the following screen:

Click on By User to close the list.

Enter your hulu username and click on Preview to make sure you settings are working fine.
Your default browser should open up and you should see your Hulu queue as shown below.

Go back to TVersity and don't forget to click on Update to save your changes.
Now go to your Video Library on your Xbox and start streaming your Hulu queue!!
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